About Us

BRO-K is a proudly Australian business. We love this country, people, culture, nature... its the vibe. And of course the food! We are based in Perth, on the beautiful west coast. We love exploring our beautiful country and discovering all the amazing small businesses that have turned their passion into a product. We are always looking for new and great quality products and prefer supporting a local business to bring our customers something that they wouldn't find on the shelves of a big retail store. We proudly only include Australian made products in our hampers.

How did it start?

As with most great ideas, it all started around a bbq with some cold beers in hand. The convo was about buying flowers for a special lady and someone said "if girls get flowers, what do the guys get?" There seemed no apparent answer and that is how the idea of the broquet was born, a bouquet for men. The idea was mulled over and slowly started to take shape, but with busy jobs it was still just an idea. Then the covid pandemic hit and a disaster turned into an opportunity as with a lot of free time the business finally came to life. Initially we just trialed the concept in Perth and now after some refinement are opening up to the rest of Australia.

Our Vision

To provide affordable hampers for men that showcase the great quality products of small Australian businesses.