Scorching Inferno


WARNING! This is not for the fainthearted... or faintmouthed.

There exists among us a special breed of heat seekers that don't shy away from incinerating their mouths with the hottest man made substances. Where other people reach for the milk and cry for their mommies, these lava enthusiast laugh and happily carry on chewing. For these people we have collected a selection of extreme heat foods from across Australia to burn their taste buds.

Caution: Please do not consume if allergic, pregnant or suffering from stomach or heart conditions. By purchasing you agree to hold BRO-K Australia Pty Ltd and its suppliers exempt from any legal actions resulting from injuries. Recommended for +18 only

Ceylon Spice Heaven Savage Gummy Bears
Byron Beef Jerky Devils Doo-Doo
Chilli Seed Bank Worlds Hottest Corn Chips
Nutsnmore Hot Chilli Peanuts
Melbourne Hot Sauce Spicy Sanchez
Fire Asstinguisher

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